Rates, Direct Billing & Claims


Intial Visit 90 minutes $140

Subsequent Visit 60 minutes $115

Prenatal Visit 45 minutes $80

Direct Billing 

Most extended benefit plans offer coverage for Acupuncture. Contact your extended benefits provider to inquire about coverage details.

ICBC Claims

You will need to know what your claim number is, when your car accident occurred, and, if you have it, your adjuster’s name and contact information (don’t worry if you don’t have the adjuster’s info). 

I can directly bill ICBC on your behalf for acupuncture. ICBC will cover 12 treatments in the first 12 weeks following the date of your car accident.  To extend coverage beyond the preauthorized number of treatments or end date, ICBC will require a doctor’s note and in most cases a progress report from your practitioner. 

As part of their new streamlined procedure, ICBC will require me to provide ICBC with assessment, progress or reassessment, and discharge reports. Such reports will include, but may not be limited to, information regarding physical findings and objective measures, functional goals of treatment, treatment modalities and plans, and anticipated or potential discharge dates.

Initial Treatment & Therapist Report ICBC pays the clinic $123.00
Subsequent Treatments  ICBC pays the clinic $104.00
Number of Preauthorized Treatments 12 to be used in the first 12 weeks post date of accident